Shredder Computer Chess

Chess Tutor

The Chess Tutor is a Windows program for the learning of chess, based on the internationally successful Stappenmethode by Brunia/van Wijgerden, with which more than 400 000 children and young people have already learned chess. Cor van Wijgerden is a chess IM (International Master) and a former national trainer for the Netherlands; he also, being a teacher, has the necessary pedagogical background.

Universal Chess Interface (UCI)

The UCI protocol (UCI = universal chess interface) describes the communication of a chess engine and a chess user interface. The protocol is open and can be used by everyone without license fees. Today almost all modern chess programs support UCI so that you can exchange the chess engine and chess user interface with different programs. UCI makes it possible to plug in every UCI chess engine into every UCI capable chess user interface.

Shredderbases Endgame Database

Shredderbases are new strong compressed chess endgame databases. In chess endgame databases a value for each chess position is stored which indicates if the position is won, draw or lost. Even with very few pieces left on the board these databases get very big because of the many possible combinations. However with the information from the database the program plays those endgames perfectly.

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