Shredder Computer Chess

Shredderbases Endgame Database

Shredderbases are new strong compressed chess endgame databases. In chess endgame databases a value for each chess position is stored which indicates if the position is won, draw or lost. Even with very few pieces left on the board these databases get very big because of the many possible combinations. However with the information from the database the program plays those endgames perfectly.

All 3 and 4 men endgames are just 1 MB in the Shredderbases. All 3, 4 and 5 men together are 157 MB. In the widely used Nalimov endgame databases the comparable size is 7500 MB. This extremely good compression allows it to always load the Shredderbases into RAM which makes accessing them about 1000 times faster than accessing the Nalimov endgame databases. Shredder can now access the endgame databases much more often with hardly any delay. Because of this Shredder’s playing strength and analysis capability get a huge boost in certain endgames.

The Shredderbases work fine in combination with the Nalimov endgame databases. In the search the Nalimov databases are no longer accessed when the corresponding Shredderbases are installed. When the position on the chess board is already in the database, Shredder will access the Nalimov databases as the Shredderbases only store if a position is won, draw or lost and not the number of moves until mate.

All Shredder versions are shipped with a database including all 3 and 4 men endgames. In Shredder and Deep Shredder you will also get a link to download the Shredderbases with all 3, 4 and 5 men. Deep Shredder additionally includes a database with all 3, 4 and 5 men endgames in 441 MB which can be accessed another ten times faster.

The Shredderbases will always be loaded into RAM. So your computer needs to have free RAM for the complete Shredderbases you would like to use. In return the Shredderbases offer many new possibilities when analysing endgames.

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