Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about our chess software. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for you can try to download the documentation of our products.

What if my computer crashes or if I lose my code? Do I have to buy the program again?

No, if you lose the program or your personal license key, as a registered customer you will always get a free replacement from us. It is also possible for you to make backup copies of our software.

What is the difference between Shredder Classic 5, Shredder 13 and Deep Shredder 13?

All three versions are delivered with the same user interface and differ only in the included chess engine. Shredder 13 is the latest and strongest version of the Shredder chess family which exists since 1993. Deep Shredder 13 additionally supports computers with more than one processor or the new dual core processors and can therefore compute faster and more efficiently on those machines, but it will also run fine on normal PCs with just one processor. Shredder Classic has the same chess knowledge like his bigger brothers but his calculations are not as fast and efficient.

What do I get if I buy a product from you?

Immediately upon receipt of your payment you will get your personal registration code and a download link for your desired program by email. With this code you can unlock your personal version and use it without any further restrictions. If you pay with credit card or PayPal you will usually get your code and download link immediately.

How do I get the free updates for my program?

If a new version is available you can download it again from the link in your order confirmation email and install it in the same directory. In the Shredder versions for Windows you can alternatively use the integrated online update feature.

Shredder is too strong for me - I am losing every game. How can I reduce the strength of the play?

In the menu choose Levels - Limit Strength or Limit Strength in the levels dialog . This is where you can variably adjust the playing strength of Shredder. A beginner typically has a playing strength of 1000 Elo, a club player has about 1600 Elo.

Is there also a free test version of Shredder and Deep Shredder?

No, there is only a free test version of Shredder Classic available.

Can I still buy older program versions on your site?

Yes, you can get a selection of some older versions here.

What does UCI mean?

UCI means Universal Chess Interface and defines the interface between the chess engine and the user interface. As it is an open specification you can use the Shredder chess engine and the Shredder user interface together with other products also supporting UCI. You can get the definition of UCI via download.

What are the restrictions of the non-registered test version of Shredder Classic?

In the non-registered test version you cannot save any chess games or chess positions. You can't access the extra downloads for registered users like the huge chess opening book and can access the online chess endgame database of Shredder only 10 times in the Windows versions. After 30 days you either need to register or you need to delete the program from your hard drive. 

What is a chess engine?

The term chess engine denotes the part of a chess program that is responsible for the intelligence of the chess play. In Shredder chess user interface and chess engine are strictly separated.


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