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The Chess Tutor is a Windows program to learn chess based on the internationally successful Stappenmethode by Brunia/van Wijgerden. The Stappenmethode (Steps Method) consists of many steps that build on one another. Start learning chess or improve your play the right way!
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Pick Your Step

The Chess Tutor runs on all computers with Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 and is suitable for children from 8 years and all adults.
  • Chess Tutor Step 1
  • 19.95 €
  • In the first step, the elementary knowledge is acquired which every successful chess player needs.
  • 23 lessons
  • 1800 exercises
  • 66 games
  • In English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Greek
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  • Chess Tutor Step 2
  • 19.95 €
  • The second step is about the basic rules of tactics and positional play. You will learn many attacking patterns and techniques to win material.
  • 21 lessons
  • 1960 exercises
  • 84 games
  • In English, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese
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  • Chess Tutor Step 3
  • 19.95 €
  • In the third step you will learn the basics about openings and fundamental endgames, followed by an introduction to planning and further work on tactics.
  • 23 lessons
  • 2150 exercises
  • 93 games
  • In English, German, Dutch and Portuguese
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Chess Tutor Features

Proven Method
More than 400 000 children and young people have already learned chess with the Stappenmethode.
Interactive Teacher
Get help and a hint in all exercises if you wish. If you enter a wrong answer the Chess Tutor can show you why your answer is not correct.
Pedagogical Foundations
A new dimension to the learning of chess. The Tutor has solid pedagogical foundations, it is effective… and enormous fun.
Many Games Included
With many integrated games you can directly practice what you just have learned. Some games are without kings to be able to better focus on the essence of the lesson.
Detailed Explanations
Every lesson has an introduction where the topic is explained in detailed with many examples.
Graphic Display
Explanations and help with arrows and further symbols on the chess board. You can directly see what it is all about.
Score Results
Get a score for every exercise and see how you improve over time. Compare your results with your friends'.
Unique Exercises
None of the chess positions and the exercises in the program have yet been published elsewhere.
Have Fun
Learn chess with our interactive teacher. You will see that this is lots of fun. Especially when you realise that you are getting better and better...

All our products are available via download only. Immediately upon receipt of your payment you will get your personal license code and a download link for your desired program by email. If you pay with credit card, PayPal or giropay you will usually get your code and download link immediately.

Free Demo Download

You can download a restricted demo version of all steps of the Chess Tutor Step free of charge without obligation. The demo versions have a limited number of lessons, excersises and games from the full version. The downloads are available in our download section.

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