Mobile Chess

Chess for iPhone or iPod touch

If you have the Apple iPhone or iPod touch you should try our Shredder for iPhone . Easily play chess, analyse and solve chess puzzles on the road. You can also use our free web app for iPhone to play online chess with Shredder.

Chess for Apple iPad

We have a special version for the iPad.

Chess for Android

If you have an Android mobile device we have Shredder for Android for you. The usual Shredder standard for your Pocket. Alternatively you can use our free web app for Android to play online chess in your browser with Shredder.

Click here to visit the mobile phone section of our online shop.

Play vs. Shredder Puzzle of the Day Weekly Chess Problems Opening Database Endgame Database
Shredder for iPhone Shredder for iPhone
EUR 5.99
Shredder Classic 5 Mac Shredder Classic 5 Mac
EUR 29.99
Shredder 13 Linux Shredder 13 Linux
EUR 49.99
Chess Tutor Step 1 Chess Tutor Step 1
EUR 19.95