Shredder Chess for iPhone Free Update

Shredder Chess iPhoneThe best chess program for the iPhone and iPod touch just got better. We have released a new version of Shredder Chess.

In addition to many small improvement you can now see the name of the openings your are playing and send all your games via email. The included chess engine is also new: we are very proud that we have squeezed the complete Shredder 12 engine into the iPhone. This is s a free update for all customers of previous versions of Shredder for iPhone.

If you are less demanding we have also good news: there is a new Shredder Chess Lite waiting for you. Slighly restricted, but only 99 Cent. What can be wrong with this?

Play vs. Shredder Puzzle of the Day Weekly Chess Problems Opening Database Endgame Database
Shredder for iPad Shredder for iPad
EUR 5.99
Shredder Classic 5 Mac Shredder Classic 5 Mac
EUR 29.99
Shredder 13 Mac Shredder 13 Mac
EUR 49.99
Shredder 13  WIndows Shredder 13 WIndows
EUR 49.99