Freezer proves draw in world championship game

Freezer ChessAt the current world chess championship in Argentina an interesting game between the chess grandmasters Michael Adams and Alexander Morozevich was played in round six. Adams sacrificed a rook for a knight to reach a so called fortress which should save him the draw even though he was down in material. With our software Freezer we have now proved that this was correct and the game was indeed a draw.

After black’s 54th move the following position was on the board:

Adams vs. Morozevich

Black has a queen and an advanced passed pawn. Still it is not quite clear how black can further improve his position. A strong human player might suspect a draw here but won’t be sure about it. At least Adams and Morozevich have continued to play for 22 more moves from that position on. Normal chess programs also can’t help here. Usually they see a huge advantage for black. But Freezer is different…

In Freezer you define special rules for this position. Can the black king enter the white position? Can the black pawn advance further? Does the white bishop manage to permanently control the b2 square and can the white rook stay on the third rank? On the basis of these rules Freezer generates a complete database in which one can find the value for each move and particularly the value for the position. In this example this has taken only 40 minutes and the result was that this position is a draw.

Please note that in contrast to normal chess programs Freezer really proves that the position is a draw. If a chess program shows an evaluation of 0.00 it does usually mean that the program only believes that it is a draw and that you cannot be sure about that.

As can be seen above Freezer is not a "just press the button" tool. You cannot simply enter a position and the Freezer will tell you the result. You have to define the right rules for each position and thus have to do a little work on your own. However then Freezer rewards you with new insights into a position or an endgame you can’t easily get without him.

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