Free Update for Zappa Mexico

Zappa ChessA new version of Zappa Mexico is now available on This is a free update for all customers of Zappa Mexico. Simply download the program again via the download link in your order confirmation email to get the latest version. The download counts for all customers are reset.

Here is what Anthony Cozzie, the author of Zappa, says about this new release:

1) there is a new "contempt" parameter [- values = higher contempt]

2) Zappa plays a bit faster when it is low on time

3) three small bugs in the evaluation fixed

4) Mexico actually used about 10% less time than Zanzibar, and I reverted to the original value

5) "Auto" Thread parameter detects CPUs

6) Options to make Zappa print less information; print pv tips and Hide Fail Highs.

7) A few eval fixes based on my experience in Mexico. Nothing too dramatic.

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