Chess Tutor Step 3 available now

Chess TutorOn we now afford you the opportunity to learn chess systematically and to improve your play with methodical training.

We are proud to offer the Chess Tutor for Windows, a series of chess learning software based on the successful 'Steps Method' by Brunia/van Wijgerden. The system contains several steps from beginner to master.

In the now available third step you will learn the basics about openings and fundamental chess endgames, followed by an introduction to planning and further work on tactics.

You can first try the Chess Tutor using our free demo version. We are convinced to offer the best currently available software to learn chess with the computer.

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Shredder for Android Shredder for Android
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Deep Shredder 13 Windows Deep Shredder 13 Windows
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Chess Tutor Step 3 Chess Tutor Step 3
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