Shredder 12 Mac Update and Upgrade

Here you will find all updates and upgrades to Shredder 12 Mac. Attention: You will be asked to enter your old license code when ordering, so please keep your code handy.

Update from Shredder 11 Mac

If you already own the predecessor version Shredder 11 Mac you can update for 39.99 EUR to Shredder 12 Mac

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Upgrade from Shredder Classic 4 Mac

If you already own Shredder Classic 4 Mac you can upgrade for 24.99 EUR to Shredder 12 Mac. 

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Play vs. Shredder Puzzle of the Day Weekly Chess Problems Opening Database Endgame Database, 1 year premium, 1 year premium
EUR 13.99
Shredder for iPhone Shredder for iPhone
EUR 5.99
Deep Shredder 13 Windows Deep Shredder 13 Windows
EUR 99.99
Chess Tutor Step 2 Chess Tutor Step 2
EUR 19.95