Zappa Installation

When downloading Zappa you will get an archive file that contains all four Zappa UCI engines. Save this file on your computer and open it by double clicking on it. Drag the desired Zappa version that fits to your computer into a folder on your hard disk.

Open the chess program in which you want add Zappa to. You can for example add Zappa to the Shredder user interfaces for Windows and Linux.

In the Windows version simply select “Extras->Engines->Install Engine…” from the main menu, select UCI engine and set the path to the file you have just saved on your hard disk in the next dialog. After clicking on OK Zappa is added to Shredder. Right click in the engine window and select “Change Engine…” to load Zappa in Shredder.

The dialog to add UCI engines in the Shredder Linux versions can be found at “File->Options…” and then “Engine Options” and “Install New Engine”.

In Chessbase products it works with “Engine->Create UCI Engine” from the main menu.

Please note that you need Windows x64 or a 64 bit Linux version to use the 64 bit versions of Zappa.

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