Shredder Versions Comparison Chart

Below you will find a table with the differences between the various Shredder versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. We have special upgrade offers if you would like to upgrade your Shredder to a more powerful version.


  Shredder Classic 5 Shredder 13 Deep Shredder 13
latest Shredder graphical user interface
UCI compatible chess engine and user interface
latest full strength Shredder chess engine  
best performance on single core cpus  
best performance on dual or multi core cpus
chess engine can use all cores of multi core cpus or multiple cpus
all 4 men endgame Shredderbases
all 5 men endgame Shredderbases  
all 5 men endgame super fast Shredderbases    
large extra opening book with latest opening theory  


Please don’t hesitate to contact our support if you are still not sure which Shredder version is the right one for you.

Play vs. Shredder Puzzle of the Day Weekly Chess Problems Opening Database Endgame Database, 1 year premium, 1 year premium
EUR 13.99
Shredder for Android Shredder for Android
EUR 5.99
Shredder Classic 5 Mac Shredder Classic 5 Mac
EUR 29.99
Shredder 13  WIndows Shredder 13 WIndows
EUR 49.99