Shredder 10 Windows Features

The chess programs Shredder Classic 2, Shredder 10 UCI and Deep Shredder 10 UCI for Windows combine extremely powerful chess play with easy handling. The level of play of the program can be adjusted to any chess playing strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions are available for analysing one's own chess games, including a built-in chess coach, who is alert to mistakes and helps improve your chess play.

New in this version:

  • improved chess engine, approximately 60-80 Elo stronger than the predecessor
  • Shredderbases: new extremely fast and compact chess endgame databases
  • computer assisted game analysis
  • direct access to online chess opening database with more than 16 million moves for one year
  • rated games against different computer opponents to measure one’s own play strength
  • automatic game level where Shredder will always play with your strength
  • improved chess opening book
  • voice output of the moves
  • improved graphics with new pieces
  • arrows to show threats, hints, best engine moves and the last move
  • graphical display of the legal moves and the attacked pieces
  • automatic histogram generation
  • chess engine can access its own chess opening book
  • many more improvements

Other features:

  • User interface that is easy to handle and can be set up individually
  • Six different sets of pieces and chessboards both in 2D and 3D
  • Chess engine with extremely powerful play, that can be individually adjusted and configured
  • Built-in Chess coach, who is alert of mistakes and suggests better moves
  • Own games can be automatically examined for mistakes
  • the program always keeps up-to-date with automatic online updates
  • Ability to play Chess960, also know as Fischer Random Chess
  • Direct access to huge online endgame database with more than 1200 GB data for one year 
  • User interface in German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.
  • Moves can easily be entered by mouse or keyboard
  • Extensive documentation
  • Games can be provided with alternative lines and comments
  • Many features for training and analysis
  • Manifold possibilities to systematically search and examine the chess endgame databases
  • Free, open protocol between chess user interface and chess engine (UCI protocol)
  • Possibility to simultaneously load up to ten chess engines
  • Several chess engines that differ in their playing style
  • Many possibilities for automatic tests and comparisons of different chess engines
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