Chess Tutor Terms of a License

You only need one license per household for each step of the Chess Tutor. So if you would like to use the Chess Tutor on your desktop and your notebook you only have to buy one license. One license is also sufficient if you install the Chess Tutor on your computer and the computer of your son in the kid’s room.

Volume licenses for schools and clubs are based on the number of computers the Chess Tutor will be installed on. For example a school needs 10 licenses if they want to install the Chess Tutor on 10 of their computers in the school. A chess club with 3 computers need 3 licenses. Note that those licenses are only valid for the computers on the school campus or in the chess club, not for the private computers of the pupils or the chess club members

Here are our prices for volume licenses:

Licenses Unit Price
1 USD 23.95
2-4 USD 22.00
5-9 USD 18.00
10-19 USD 16.00
20-29 USD 14.00
30-49 USD 12.00
From 50 USD 10.00

Please contact our support if you have any question regarding licensing or need a special volume license.

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EUR 0.00
Shredder for iPad Shredder for iPad
EUR 5.99
Shredder for Android Shredder for Android
EUR 5.99
Shredder 13  WIndows Shredder 13 WIndows
EUR 49.99