Pocket Shredder Documentation

Welcome to Pocket Shredder, the version of Shredder, the 12 times Computer Chess World Champion, for Windows Mobile.

You can test the demo version of Pocket Shredder for three days without any obligation. If you decide to purchase a license for Pocket Shredder we will send you your personal license code to unlock the full version. Simply enter this code once when you start-up the program.


File Menu

New Game

Use this command to start a new game against Pocket Shredder. If you do not switch sides or change the game mode when playing, the game will be used to calculate your rating. A small “R” is shown in the chess clock when still playing a rated game.


You can save your games in databases and load any game from a database in Pocket Shredder. Pocket Shredder supports the open PGN format for game collections. The databases WorldChamps.pgn is included. It contains all games ever played in world championship matches and tournaments.

An opening book is also included in the Pocket Shredder distribution. An opening book is a database of opening moves and statistics for all moves. You can consult the opening book to see how often and how successful a move was played in grandmaster games. If you play against Pocket Shredder he will pick an opening line from this book. The book contains more than 190,000 moves.

An endgame database contains chess positions and their perfect value. Pocket Shredder comes with the complete set of all 4 men Shredderbases endgame databases. For all positions with 4 or less pieces you can find out which moves win, lose or make a draw. When playing games and when analysing Pocket Shredder will automatically access the endgame databases.


You can load three new chess puzzles every day via the Internet.

Additionally you can access an opening book with more than 16 million moves and many statistics for each move and consult our huge 1,200 GB endgame databases with all positions with six pieces or less.


Pocket Shredder offers extensive training features. You can try to solve more than 1,000 built in chess puzzles. “Opening Training” shows different openings together with their names and let you select a particular opening for a game.

When practising endgames you can select various endgame positions and try to win them against Shredder. In a handicap game one side gets a material or move advantage.

Pocket Shredder keeps track of your results when playing games and solving chess puzzles. He estimates your playing strength and calculates an Elo rating for you. The Elo system is the usual method to measure the playing strength of chess players. The more games you play the more reliable your rating will get.


Pocket Shredder can give you a suggestion any time you need an advice. When solving chess puzzles first only the start square of the solution will be shown. A second call will show you the solution. “Show Threats” marks all attacked pieces on the board and shows your opponent’s main threat if there is any. “Captured Pieces” will give a quick overview of the material balance of the current position.

If your position is hopeless you can resign the current game. In an even position you can offer a draw.


Edit Menu

Game Details

All game details, for example the names of the players, can be set here. If you want to save a game you should enter as much information as possible. This will make it easier to later find and reload the game from the database.

Setup Position

You can setup any chess position and analyse it with Pocket Shredder or play from this position against Pocket Shredder.

Takeback/Redo Move

Take back or redo a move in the game. If you are playing against Pocket Shredder and would like to take back you last move after Pocket Shredder has already played his move, you have to call this command twice.


Pocket Shredder can replay the current game automatically with an adjustable speed.

Every move can have detailed comments and annotations and in every position several moves can be stored as alternative lines. This way you can easily create, edit and save your analysis.


When Pocket Shredder is calculating a move you can interrupt him any time by selecting “Move Now”. If it is your turn to move you can switch sides using “Move Now”.

In “Playing Mode” you and Pocket Shredder are playing moves alternately. In “Mode Analysis” Pocket Shredder will calculate on the current position on the board until you change the position. In this mode Pocket Shredder will never execute a move himself. He will only show you his analysis and evaluation of the current position. “Enter Moves” allows you to enter the moves for both sides to enter a particular line or game.

You can display the game notation on the full screen to get a better overview.

Show Navigation

Arrows are displayed in the chess clock to be able to quickly navigate forward and backward in a game. In this mode you can also use the four way key of your device left and right to navigate in the game independently of the current settings.



The chess board and its size and orientation as well as the chess pieces can be selected here. For training games you can also play blindfolded and with uniform pieces. You can define the speed of the pieces sliding over the chess board and the speed when automatically replaying a game.


You can set if one click on a piece with only one legal move or on a square with one legal move to it should be enough to execute a move. You can change the behaviour of the four way key of your device with “Cursor Input”. You can choose to move a cursor over the chess board to enter a move or to navigate in the move list and quickly change the size of the board.

The legal moves of a piece can be displayed. Different colors indicate if the square is attacked and defended. The chess clocks display can be switched off and you can tell Shredder what to do when entering a move in a position with already another move present.


When the coach is watching Pocket Shredder will warn you when you play a bad move and will offer to take back this move. When “Learning” is activated Pocket Shredder will try to learn from his mistakes to avoid them in future games. “Permanent Brain” lets Shredder continue his calculations even when it is not his turn to move. This will improve his play when playing with unlimited strength but will drain the battery much quicker. Pocket Shredder can automatically adjust his playing strength to his opponent. He changes his strength after the end of every rated game to offer an equal opponent.

In analysis mode Shredder can not only display the analysis of the best move but also for up to the best six moves.

You can influence Pocket Shredder’s selection of moves from his opening book. With “Best Move” only the best moves in every position are played. To get a greater variety of opening lines select “Wide”. However then Pocket Shredder will also play some inferior lines.

Hash Tables are used by Pocket Shredder to store intermediate results. When playing with unlimited strength or in longer analysis they can be used to improve the playing strength.

You can adjust Pocket Shredder’s playing strength according to the Elo system. Pocket Shredder tries to play like a human player with that particular Elo rating. Setting the slider to unlimited strength Pocket Shredder will play with his full power. The more time you give him the better he will play then. Rated games are only possible when setting an Elo rating here.


You can set how much time Shredder should use per move. If you define a time control or set the level to “Game in” Shredder will automatically flag if the time is over.

Context Menu

In all windows except for the chess board you can open a context menu by touching the display a bit longer or by double clicking on the display. Many functions are easily accessible via those context menus.


Engine Window

Below the small board you can see the engine window. Here Pocket Shredder will output his analysis. Depth is the average search depths in half moves (a move for one side). After this is the move Shredder is currently evaluating together with the number of this move and the total number of moves in the current position.

The evaluation shows Shredder’s assessment of the current position. A positive value is good for white, a negative value good for black. 0.00 means complete equal. 1.00 is about the value of one pawn, 3.00 about the value of a knight or a bishop. A rook is worth 5.00 and a queen is worth 9.00.

Next is the main line. This is the optimal continuation according to Shredder’s analysis. The first move of this line is the best move in the current position.

The number of nodes show how many positions Shredder has already evaluated. nps indicates the speed in positions per second. With sb you can see how often Shredder has consulted the Shredderbases endgame databases.

If next there is an Elo number Shredder has done the current analysis with that Elo strength. Without number Shredder has used his full strength.


Shortcut keys

With the four way key of your device you can either move a cursor over the chess board to enter a move or navigate in the move list and quickly change the size of the board.

<1> and <3> : Take back move and redo move.

<7> : Flip board

<0> : Change board size


Limitations in the demo version

The demo versions works only for three days and you cannot save games. Tactics Training is limited to the first 10 positions and all other trainings can only be played 10 times. After 10 moves of a game or using set up positions the chess engine doesn’t display its evaluation. After 20 moves the engine automatically switches to the easiest level when playing unrated games. The online databases can only be accessed once per minute.

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