Download Shredder Mobile

On this page you will learn if Shredder Mobile runs on your phone and how to install it on your phone.

We have a list of all supported mobile phones. If your phone is not on this list try the generic version for your display size. Your phone needs a color display with at least 128 x 128 pixels. If you do not know your phone model or your display size you can try to find it out here. Please contact our support if you have any further questions.

You can first download and install a free demo version of Shredder Mobile. If you buy Shredder Mobile we will send you your personal license key to unlock the full version.

Installing Shredder Mobile

There are two ways to install Shredder Mobile on your mobile phone.

1. Direct installation on your phone

This is the easiest and most comfortable way. Open the Internet browser on your mobile phone. Usually this menu option is called "Internet", "Browser" or "Services" etc. and has a globe as a symbol. There you can enter the following address with "Enter URL", "Go to URL" or "Open web page" etc.:

If our server recognizes your mobile phone automatically you can download Shredder Mobile by clicking on the "download" link. If not you can select your phone model or your display size manually from our list and start the download by clicking on your phone model link or on  the link with your display size. After the download Shredder Mobile will be automatically installed on your phone.

2. Installation via your PC

You can also download Shredder Mobile on your PC first and then copy it manually to your mobile phone. Go to this page with your PC and select your phone model to download Shredder Mobile on your PC. Then you can transfer the downloaded file with the suffix .jar via Bluetooth, Infrared, a memory card, with a data cable or with your phone software from your PC to your mobile phone. How Shredder Mobile will be installed or where to save it on your phone depends on your model. Please check your phone manual for further instructions. Often it is possible to directly open the file in the file manager after you have copied it to your mobile phone.

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