Download Shredder Classic 5 Windows

You can download a slightly restricted test version of the world champion chess program Shredder Classic 5 Windows FREE of charge and try it out for 30 days without obligation. Shredder Classic 5 Windows runs on all Windows PCs with at least Windows Vista. The size of the download is ca. 36 MB.

Download Now

Alternatively to the anonymous chess download above you can use our FREE registered chess download to get your test version of the chess software Shredder Classic 5. You have to enter your name and email address and will get major discounts on a purchase of the full version in return. Please also read our privacy policy.

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EUR 0.00
Shredder Classic 5 Windows Shredder Classic 5 Windows
EUR 29.99
Deep Shredder 13 Mac Deep Shredder 13 Mac
EUR 99.99
Deep Shredder 13 Linux Deep Shredder 13 Linux
EUR 99.99