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Chess with Shredder

The famous Shredder chess program by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen is available in our Online Shop in three different versions for Windows. Every chess player with Windows can find his appropriate chess partner using the seventeen times World Computer Chess Champion. Click here to find out more about the differences between those three versions.

Learn Chess with the Chess Tutor

We afford you the opportunity to learn chess systematically and to improve your play with methodical training. The Chess Tutor is a series of interactive chess learning software based on the successful 'Steps Method' by Brunia/van Wijgerden.

Free Shredder Demo Download

You can download a slightly restricted test version of the computer chess program Shredder Classic 4 FREE of charge. You can extensively try out this download test version for 30 days without any obligation. If you like the chess program and would like to keep on using it, you can get your personal license code here. Play chess with Shredder on Windows!

Endgame Analysis with the Freezer

If you like chess endgames you should take a look at the Freezer, a unique endgame analysis tool.

Chess Engine Zappa

Get the Zappa chess engine and play with one of the strongest chess engines in the world.

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Shredder for iPad Shredder for iPad
EUR 5.99
Shredder Classic 4 Linux Shredder Classic 4 Linux
EUR 29.99
Shredder Classic 4 Shredder Classic 4
EUR 29.99
Shredder 12 Linux Shredder 12 Linux
EUR 49.99