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Play chess on, access our huge online chess databases or play against Shredder directly in your browser and solve chess puzzles. Learn more about chess without the need to install any specific software or database on your computer.

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Play directly in your browser or use our free app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Play and meet your friends at this lovely place. Always find opponents that are of similar strength. Play a fast timed game, or chose a slow-paced offline game.

Play Chess Online with Shredder

Play a game against Shredder 12 running on our servers. You can choose between three playing levels. Everybody from a beginner to the advanced player will find an adequate chess partner.

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Daily Updated Chess Puzzles

Solve our daily updated chess puzzles with three levels of difficulty.

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Online Chess Opening Database

Check out what strong human chess grandmasters have played in a given opening position and learn the name for every chess opening line. Find out all the opening moves which have ever been played and see how good or bad each move is.

Opening Database

Online Chess Endgame Database

Have you ever watched perfect play in chess endgames with six pieces or less? Enter any chess position and let the endgame database tell instantly you which move wins and which one loses.

Endgame Database

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